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COVID-19: Protect your business

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Gradually, as restrictions in response to the Covid-19 are being reviewed and lifted, many companies in Australia are beginning to open their offices for business.

As we get to work and welcome our old routines back, the risk still remains significant.

The need to maintain the hygiene and cleanliness in the workspace is more than ever. To minimise the risk and maintain a safe workspace for your employees, you need to get Covid-19 disinfection done for the entire office.

We understand how important this cleaning and disinfection is to control any infections. Our professionals are here to make your space safer for you. So you can get back enjoying your regular work schedule without any worries.

To help you reduce any risks of infections, we offer multiple disinfection cleanings with infection-control solutions as per your requirements:

Nanocyn Fumigation

Nanocyn is a 100% hospital-grade, chemical-free solution with extremely quick contact time and zero toxicity or OH&S requirements. This product is TGA approved and has been proven to kill COVID-19 pathogens within 30 seconds.

We offer Nanocyn fumigation where we clean your entire space using this solution to disinfect and kill Covid-19 and any risks. No company space big or small, we clean all sizes of area using Nanocyn fumigation at affordable prices.

For Nanocyn fumigation, it is not required to remove any furniture or appliances from the room and can be left just as it is. It is also safe, non-toxic and takes only a few minutes to get back to work after this disinfection. So, it can be easily don’t even during the working hours.

We offer cleaning during or after the business operation hours as per your convenience.

Touchpoint & Routine Environmental Cleaning

The most commonly touched areas are the riskiest. Surfaces like doors, door handles, push plates, lift buttons and other surfaces touched by multiple people during the day need special attention when cleaning and must be disinfected properly to reduce any risks.

We are aware of all such areas with maximum risk and clean all common touchpoint areas for you. Using hospital-grade disinfectant, we offer the highest standard and quality of cleaning.

The areas covered in touchpoint cleaning are:

Tables/desks and chairs


Light and other switches

Door knobs and handles

Cubicle doors

Elevator buttons


Microwave and other appliance handles

Taps and faucets

And more if required.

Terminal & Decontamination Clean

In the unfortunate event of an outbreak or any confirmed case in the office, terminal cleaning is necessary.

Terminal cleaning is a two-step cleaning process. Firstly, the entire space is disinfected using Nanocyn. After that, a thorough cleaning by wiping all the horizontal surfaces is done by professionals geared up in appropriate PPE.

As Nanocyn is proven to kill Covid-19, this cleaning kills any pathogens present in the air to make it safe for the employees.

We offer terminal cleaning using all necessary precautions at affordable prices to make the space safe for you again.

Get in touch with us now for any workspace disinfection needs and get the highest standard and quality of disinfection at affordable prices.